Bedlington Terrier - Rothbury Terrier | Rodbery Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier was originated in England. They are terrier breed of dogs. They are used as an earth dog. The life span of the Bedlington Terrier is 15-17 years. The breed is also called as Rothbury Terrier, Rodbery Terrier.

Bedlington Terrier - Rothbury Terrier | Rodbery Terrier

Origin / History:
  • Old Flint, that belonged to Squire Trevelyan is the first male Bedlington Terrier that was officially listed
  • In 1877 The Bedlington Terrier Club in England was established
  • In 1948 the Bedlington Terrier was recognized by the United Kennel Club 
  • The first Bedlington to be recorded in the American Kennel Club Stud Book was W.S. Jackson's "Annanias."
Nature / qualities:
The Bedlington Terrier is a loyal, lively and cheerful dog. Teach them to like cats and other household animals. They are friendly with strangers. They are playful dogs. They easily get along with other dogs, except to the dominate ones.  They run very fast.   They like to bark, so need to be told that enough is enough. They are an enthusiastic digger. They have proved to be an excellent watch dogs.  They love to chase game.

Physical Appearance:
The height of the Male Bedlington Terrier is 16-17 inches (41-43 cm) and the weight is 18-23 pounds (8-10kg). The height of the Female Bedlington Terrier is 15-16 inches (38-41 cm) and the weight is 18-23 pounds (8-10 kg). The Bedlington Terrier has a lamb-like appearance. They are very graceful and medium in size.  They have narrow and rounded head.  They have dark, small and shiny eyes. The color of the nose depends on the color of the dog, it is either black or brown.  They have dropped ears that are long with thin leather and covered with hair that forms a tassel at the end.  The feet are covered with hair.  The tail is long and thin and sickle-shaped. The color of the breed is blue, sandy or liver, with or without tan markings.

Health Concerns:
The Bedlington Terrier is prone to a serious health problem called Copper Storage Disease. This genetic disorder allows copper deposits to build up in the liver, eventually leading to cirrhosis and death. They are also prone to hereditary kidney disease, PRA, thyroid problems and eye problems, such as cataracts and retinal disease.

Weekly brushing is needed along with regular trimming to maintain the breed’s look. They need to be given mental and physical exercise.

The cost of purchasing this breed is $ 1200 USD

  • They are loving with children 
  • They are energetic and courageous

  • Sometimes they become obsessive barkers
  • They are less good with other animals


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